deleanor opinions

opinions about eleanor and danielle

you guys say things like “i will forever love and support eleanor/elounor” but judge people who stay there for hannah/louannah, i can’t understand, i mean, louannah shippers are the future of elounor shippers, i truly believe louis isn’t going to marry eleanor (aka finding a new gf), and also, we had a thing called divorce, nothing lasts forever, especially your miserable life, sorry.

to all the new fans

if it wasn’t for hannah walker louis would never auditioned for the x factor and we’ll have to live a life without one direction there, so please, don’t say shit about her just because of eleanor, ok? louis know how to choose a good girlfriend and both (hannah and eleanor) proof my theory :)

all of deleanor blogs are going to be deactivated or delete if the relationship ends, after this people will say to us forget about eleanor and danielle, like it’s happening to hannah walker

it is impossible to forget about hannah

yes, i like eleanor, and i know that louis is happy with her, but hannah was more than “louis gf” she was part of 1D family, again, she’s unforgettable